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Trainees Affairs

Trainees' Affairs

The department of trainees' affairs is responsible for trainees' registration and admission in the institute's development programs. The main tasks of the department include:

1.       Preparing the lists of the development programs offered each year.

2.       Preparing the annual guide for the development programs.

3.       Submitting the development programs guide along with the admission letters and forms to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related government agencies.

4.       Processing admission applications.

5.       Informing trainees of classes' times and locations.

6.       Creating a record for each trainee which contains full information about him/her.

7.       Preparing classes schedules.

8.       Preparing trainees attendance follow-up reports.

9.       Providing classrooms with necessary technological needs.

10.    Processing trainees' achievement reports.

11.    Suggesting and developing admission's policies and procedures.